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Marcel Hinze

Personal details

Nationality: Dutch
Date of birth: 20th April 1945
Address: warmoezierstraat 140 2512 VL Den Haag Telephone: 0031(0)070 4065569
Mobile telephone: 0031(0) 633030568

Academic qualifications

1962-1966 BA Hons Graphic/Typographical Design
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague The Netherlands


Since 1967
– Editorial designer for weekly newspaper
‘De Groene Amsterdammer’
– Editorial designer for national newspaper ‘Trouw’
– Designer Royal Shell Group, London/The Netherlands – Designer Philips design centre, Eindhoven

Since 1970
Established as a freelance graphic designer, editorial designer and concept manager for the development of design for business, trade, industry, and the government

Employers include:
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– KPN, Dutch Telecom
– Frederic Harris Ltd.
– Koning & Hartman Communication systems – Multihouse
– Public relations Advice bureau Van Hulzen – Christiaan Publishers
– Re-membertex
– Congresgebouw The Netherlands
– Baaij Controls
– Stam Magazines: Polytechnical weekly magazine, – Holland Damwand
– VNU Business Publications,(Sanoma)
– Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum
– Utrecht Topsport

Type of assignments:
– Development of a visual style and corporate identity
– Development of new editorial designs for a variety of magazines – Development and coordination of campaigns
– Interim/account manager for various organisations
– Development of art and design policy for local and
national government organisations

Since 1975
Artist, painter, with exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and, koln, Paris.
Work included in collections in Paris, many government institutions/organisations and private collections.

Since 1989
– Lecturer graphic/ typographic and editorial design at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, University of Utrecht
– Lecturer design and communication media and art, Faculty InHolland University of Amsterdam

Courses and seminars editorial design management, University of Utrecht, VNU Publishers, Financieel dagblad, de Gelderlander, Tubantia, Limburgs dagblad, De Limburger. Matra projects sponsered by ministry of foreign affairs, Media Academy Moscow-Amsterdam, University of Volgograd (stalingrad)Russia, Cuban University Krasnodar, Russia. Taking the initiative Matra project for InHolland Academy/Volsu University Volgograd, Russia. 3 month OSCE newspaper project Tadzjikistan,Dushanbe.

Marcel Hinze: profile

In each profession you’ll find that as you search for a solution there are many options and is very much dependent on your interests, the ability to let go of preconceived opinions, whether or not you recognise opportunities and use these to the fullest, making the most of your technical skills, feelings, and intuition.
The designer has a task to create a basis on which information proceding from human beings and their surroundings communicate together. Developing a basic structure, searching for interrelation and identity, leaving enough ‘space’ to keep every option open, the possibility for future development. It is important to try to search
for a matter of course in order for people to create their own views instead of dictating these in the first place. An interface arises through developing and coordinating processes of change equally , alltogether they are more valuable and useful compared to using them seperately.

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